moonstop 2019秋冬‘BODY’系列-瑞士Tarasp Castle Show

Tarasp Castle (Fundaziun Not Vital)

From Artist Not Vital

Tarasp Castle 是始建于11世纪的中世纪城堡,位于瑞士,恩格丁地区,施库尔(Scuol)塔拉斯普村的百米高巨石上,目前是属于瑞士籍艺术家Not Vital 的私人艺术基金会。(German: Schloss Tarasp, Romansh: Chastè da Tarasp) is a castle located in Switzerland, near Tarasp, in Lower Engadin, Graubünden. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

moonstop 19Fall-Winter ‘BODY’ Tarasp Castle Showmoonstop 尝试运用多种地域化的材料与形式语言来探讨人与自身及环境的关系。19aw-Body系列即基于这种语境下的一个新的开端。新的系列分别涉及到了三个层面进行了研析与探讨。分别是”建筑的几何”、”绘画的身体”及地域化材料的创新。 从自身的感知出发,转化与运用不同语言中的形式与细节,尝试以新的视角重构与界定人与衣服的关系。moonstop’s creation is based on body, exploring the relationship between body and materials, space, and the relationship aesthetics of people and people, and between people and object.The Body collection is still about the creation of the body. This collection of exploration about the body is divided into three parts, the two-dimensional body, the body of the space, the body of the worker,.Domain-based material languages conversion create new clothing experiences, as well as focusing on the clothing producers themselves, placing their personal information and feelings in clothing, increasing the connection between people and clothes. And materials are mainly cashmere, silk, sheep leather,Chinese minority traditional handmade fabric. Runway

moonstop 设计师王月婷

设计师王月婷&艺术家Not VitalBackstage